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The Wilmington Health Patient Portal offers a tons of functionality! With just a few clicks, you may schedule appointments, get prescription refills, and much more. Long delays and phone calls are not necessary.

You get to manage your own health, which is the best part! You can get additional information about your medical conditions and treatments, as well as have direct conversations with your doctors. It’s like having superhuman health abilities!

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The following instructions will help you sign up for the Wilmington Health patient portal:

Wilmington Health Patient Portal
Wilmington Health Patient Portal

How can I log into the patient portal at Wilmington Health?

The whole procedure to access the Wilmington Health Patient Portal is listed below:

Click the button above to visit the Wilmington Health website at

Website: www.wilmingtonhealth.com

Click “Patient Portal” at the top right corner of the webpage.

Your username and password should be entered on the patient portal login page.

Typically, your username consists of your first name, last name, and birthdate .

If you don’t already have one, get in touch with Wilmington Health to get one created.

“Sign In” should be clicked.

You might have to go through a multi-factor authentication process if this is your

first time logging in.

Choose a delivery mode, such as voice call, text, or email.

Enter the code that was delivered to you using the method you choose.

You will be taken to the patient portal homepage after a successful login.

You can access test results, request medicine refills, examine your own

personal health information, and more here.

Click your name in the top right corner and choose “Logout” to log out.

How to Change the Password for the Wilmington Health Patient Portal?


The whole procedure to change your password on the Wilmington Health Patient Portal

is as follows:

Go to https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/patient-portal/ to access the

Wilmington Health Patient Portal’s login page.

The “Forgot Password” link is located beneath the login boxes.

Enter your email address and click “Continue” on the following screen.

Choose how you wish to receive the verification code for password resets.

Email, text message, or an automated voice call are the available options.

Fill out the verification code that was provided to you.

Use the password requirements to create a new password.

The minimum requirements for password length are 8 to 20 characters,

1 lowercase letter, 1 uppercase letter, 1 number, and 1 special character.

Re-enter the new password to confirm it.

With your new password, you should now be able to access the

Wilmington Health Patient Portal.

How to Register for the Wilmington Health Patient Portal:

You must: in order to be qualified to sign up for the Wilmington Health patient portal.

be an active Wilmington Health patient

18 years of age or older

possess a working email address

Underage individuals are not permitted to register online. They must have a parent or legal guardian register on their behalf.

Process of Registration:

Visit the patient portal at www.wilmingtonhealth.com.

“New User Registration” should be select.

Your first name, last name, birthdate, and email address should be entered.

Use the email address Wilmington Health has on record for you.

“Send Verification Code” should be clicked.

Look for an email from the Wilmington Health Patient Portal in your inbox.

Take note of the verification code after opening the email.

Enter the verification code when you go back to the registration page.

Select “Verify” next.

You should make a username and password.

There must be six characters in your username.

Choose three security questions, then respond.

Accept the usage terms and conditions.

Select “Create My Account” from the menu.

Activation and Verification:

After registering, Wilmington Health will send you a follow-up email to confirm your enrollment. To activate your account and validate your email address,

click the activation link in the email. Using your new username and password,

you can log in at that point.

Please give your new patient portal account one business day to be verified

and activated. Call the Wilmington Health IT Helpdesk at 910-395-4188

if you do not receive a confirmation email.

Benefits of Using the Patient Portal:

  • Access Health Records.
  • View examination outcomes, radiological findings, and visit summaries.
  • Download or print documents, such as lists of prescription drugs and immunisation history.

Schedule appointments:

Online appointment scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellation

Easily view all of your appointments, both past and future.

Be in touch with your care team:

Send your primary care physician secure messages.

Request prescription refills here

Ask about insurance and billing.

Utilise Resources for Health:

Read up on health-related information.

View and update the medical history of your family.

access to resources for reliable health websites

Tracking health advancements:

Monitor your vitals, such as your blood pressure, weight, and blood sugar.

View graphs and patterns in the evolution of your health data.

You can manage your care with easy 24/7 access through the patient portal.

It can facilitate better communication between you and your medical team

and empower you to play a more active part in your health.

How to Make an Appointment Online:

Online appointment scheduling

Click “Schedule an appointment” on the https://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/ webpage.

And decide on your physician and schedule an appointment.

Customer Support

Location: Wilmington Health 1202 Medical Center Drive Wilmington, NC 28401
Phone: 910-341-3300

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