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SSM health introduced the online portal SSM Smart. It is a nonprofit Catholic organization. Its principal goal is to offer the Midwest’s residents complete healthcare services through a healthcare delivery system.

It has a lot of totally automated functions, like SSM smart square deployment, planning, scheduling, and staffing. It also includes reports on every step of the HR-related process, from start to finish.

ssm health smart square

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In places like Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin, this SSM health is effective. 290 doctors are currently employed by 23 hospitals.

The SSM Smart Square login tool, provided by Avanta, is a comprehensive scheduling solution program. It is used by over 50 companies (primarily those with 5000 or more workers), 88 percent of which are in the United States, with the remaining in other countries. As an employee, you must access the SSM Smart Square login portal to have access to a scheduling solution tailored to the medical and health industries.

Features of the SSM Health Smart Square:

Medical personnel frequently use SSM smart squares for the following reasons:

Time management:

Time management By standardizing and streamlining the process, Smart Square’s approach enables shift scheduling up to two months in advance, reducing the need for last-minute staffing and increasing the number of temporary workers available.

Making their schedule better:

The SSM Smart Square offers on-call scheduling and open shift management in addition to quick shift hiring, self-scheduling, and cyclic shift scheduling.


Since this program gives users access to all information pertinent to the hospital, department, facilities, and employee availability and schedules, any issues or adjustments that may emerge are simple to resolve.

Accessing the Dashboard:

Various dashboard types are offered for more accurate function tracking. It is possible to monitor important metrics to track the advancement of goals. Additionally, to help with comprehension, SSM Smart Square offers a range of visual representations of data, including charts, graphs, bars, and tables.

These indicators can then be used by management to evaluate the team’s performance and make future decisions. Consider examining productivity, work hours, and cost analyses in the appropriate order.

How to sign up for SSM Health Smart Square and log in to SSM Smart Square:

smart square ssm login

The steps listed below should be followed by users who want to register for the portal:

First, go to the following website:

To log in to your charts, select the mychart login option on the homepage.

The user will be taken to the new page, where they can choose to register for a new account.

You must fill out the information on the new page:

Name, middle name, and last name of the person wishing to register should be entered.

Put the address in with the city and state.

Type your social security number in four digits.

After entering the birthdate, select the gender option.

After that, input the email ID and double-check your mobile number and email address.

Afterward, push the button. I’m not a machine.

Click the submit button to finish.

The information will be sent to the user’s registered email address.

How to login into smart square ssm login

How to access Smart Square If you wish to sign into ssmsmartsquare, click here. To get Smart Square ssm, just follow these easy steps:

Go to to access the official SSM Smart Square login page first. after selecting the “open in new tab” link

After that, enter your login information in the corresponding fields. These login information will be provided by the SSM smart square login authority or by smart square login ssm.

To access your account, click the login button after that. You’ll thereafter have successfully logged in.

How to change a forgotten SSM Smart Square Login password:

Follow the instructions below to successfully reset your SSM Smart Square com login password if you’ve forgotten it:

Visit the official login website at

Next, select the forget password option.

Next, fill in the required field with your email address and login ID.

After that, press the email send button and adhere to the password-reset instructions.

SSM Smart Square for Android mobile devices

Surprisingly, you can utilize the entire range of services offered by SSM Smart Square on your mobile devices as well. Do what is outlined below if you wish to achieve it.

Access SSM Smart Square on an Android device.

You must: in order to use this feature on your Android device.

Visit the business’s website using your mobile device.

Choose “Add bookmark” from the menu.

Next, click “Add to” when it displays.

To get there, simply select “Home screen” at the end.

Helpful contact information about SSM Smart Square

The SSM Smartsquare’s contact information is provided below, and using it will enable you to get quick solutions to all of your issues.

Phone number for customer service: 1 (855) 700-6000. is the official website.

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