Does the Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray Really Work?

Benzocaine-based Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray is designed to give men more time in bed. Is this early ejaculation therapy appropriate for you? Let’s examine this.

 Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray

Do you want to have sex for as long as possible?

Desensitizing condoms, sprays, and wipes available over-the-counter have become increasingly popular among people who have premature ejaculation (PE).Trojan Extended Pleasure spray is one of them.

Let’s examine in more detail

The advantages and disadvantages
The Trojan delay spray
What to anticipate from the item
Better possibilities for therapy or other alternatives

Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray’s Benefits and Cons

Like many climax control sprays for PE, Trojan Extended Pleasure spray has several advantages and disadvantages.

  • Examine the benefits and drawbacks in more detail below:
    a little less expensive than certain products that prolong pleasure with early ejaculation
  • Products containing benzocaine typically have a low risk of negative effects.
  • It is safe to use with latex condoms.

It seems that mass retail establishments are the only places where Trojan Extended Pleasure Delay spray is sold.
Compared to lidocaine-based sprays, the benzocaine-based spray is less effective.

Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray: What Is It?

The active ingredient in Trojan Extended Pleasure spray, a numbing spray, is a 7.5 percent benzocaine solution.

Its purpose is to help men who have premature ejaculation stay longer in bed by applying it straight to the penis.

Although Trojan was unable to provide precise numbers, the spray should start working in around ten to fifteen minutes, based on similar products.

The effects of desensitization to the penis will wear off in 30 to 45 minutes.

How Effective Is Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray?

Trojan Extended Pleasure delay spray should be effective for most guys who want to extend their time in the bedroom when applied correctly.

Regretfully, no official research has been conducted on the Trojan brand duration spray.

However, there are reviews of the Trojan Extended Pleasure delay spray from regular users who have great experiences.

A few anecdotal reports, nevertheless, also indicate that the spray does not appear to be as successful as anticipated.

What Should You Anticipate?

Trojan Extended Pleasure spray has not been the subject of official research, but it should provide some performance improvements.

Men with PE have had topical benzocaine treatments examined for efficacy, and these investigations may provide some information about Trojan’s benzocaine-based spray.

In contrast, sprays with a lidocaine basis, such as Promescent Delay Spray, might provide even greater benefits in the bedroom.

In a Promescent event-level effect study, the average ejaculation time increased from 6.81 minutes without the spray to 11.16 minutes with it.

Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray: How to Use It?

Using Trojan’s duration spray is simple. It just takes a few more minutes of waiting for the spray to fully penetrate the penis’s skin and start working.

Just follow the manufacturer’s three-step instructions.

1. Spray the area

Choose the parts of the penis that are most sensitive, then spray those places.

Trojan suggests running the mist along the shaft and possibly around the head.

It may take some trial and error to figure out which regions of the penis need to be desensitized, just like with other delay sprays.

Furthermore, having too little merchandise is preferable to having too much. As a result, it’s a good idea to start small with a little mist at specific spots and adapt as necessary.

2. Give the spray time to dry.

Benzocaine takes effect really rapidly; it might even start working before the penis’s solution has had time to completely dry.

The majority of reviews for Trojan Extended Pleasure delay spray state that it takes roughly ten minutes for the penis to completely dry.

To reduce the chance of partner transference during sexual activity, wash off any fluid that remains on the penis after the necessary amount of time has passed.

3. Rinse Off Following Usage

Washing the product off after sexual activity is an additional step Trojan provides in their usage instructions for their Extended Pleasure spray.

This additional procedure should not be problematic because most men clean up after sex. All that needs to be done to avoid prolonged contact with the benzocaine solution is a quick wash with soap and water.

FAQs for the Trojan Extended Pleasure Delay Spray
What Is the Duration of Trojan Delay Spray?
It is not specified by Trojan how long the desensitizing effect will persist, and the duration will differ from man to man based on sensitivity and product dosage.

Because benzocaine is not as potent as lidocaine, benzocaine spray might not last as long as products with lidocaine, such as Promescent Delay Spray for Men.

Do Condoms Work With Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray?

While there are no studies to support this claim, Trojan explicitly states on their benzocaine spray that the product is compatible with latex condoms.

Make sure the product has dried on the skin before applying the condom if you choose to use the spray with one.

If not, the entire penis will absorb the benzocaine, resulting in decreased sensitivity throughout.

Will Your Partner Feel The Effects Of Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray?

Like other benzocaine-based medications, Trojan Extended Pleasure spray has a negligible possibility of transmitting to a partner when used appropriately.

Just remember to wait for the product to completely dry before having sex or playing with partners.

Once the skin has absorbed the substance, bathe the penis with soap and water to further reduce the possibility of transmission.

How Often Is Trojan Extended Pleasure Delay Spray Safe to Use?

Trojan advises against taking the product more frequently than four times in a day in order to reduce the possibility of unfavorable side effects.

It might also be beneficial to wait a little period of time between applications, even though it’s not mentioned specifically, to avoid absorbing a lot of benzocaine in a short period of time.

Is Trojan Spray Safe for Oral Sexual Activity?

On the label of the product, Trojan clarifies that it is not a benzocaine product for premature ejaculation, in contrast to some other

appropriate for oral consumption.

While using Trojan’s Extended Pleasure spray, it could be preferable to refrain from oral sex, even though this suggests that the solution shouldn’t be administered to oral areas.

Possible Adverse Reactions

Reactions to benzocaine are linked to the majority of Trojan Extended Pleasure spray side effects.

Use of desensitizing products for premature ejaculation should only occur if no known allergies or sensitivities to the active ingredients exist. This is true of all such products.

Rarely, using anything can cause someone to get a rash, have burning or itching in their skin, or experience other skin irritation. Should any of these arise, remove the product right away and stop using it.

Methemoglobinemia is an uncommon disease that has been associated with benzocaine. This normally only happens when the anesthetic is introduced at high concentrations.

Low oxygen levels in the blood can be fatal due to methemoglobinemia.

Make quick contact with a healthcare professional if you encounter:

lightheadedness or extreme exhaustion
Skin color variations, like paleness, grayness, or blue lips
hue variations in fingernails, such as blueness
Breathing difficulties
accelerated heart rate


Trojan Extended Pleasure delay spray should improve performance based on previous topical benzocaine premature ejaculation treatments.

Lidocaine-based sprays may provide superior performance gains and longer-lasting effects, according to some data.

Benzocaine-based solutions have negligible risks of adverse effects when used appropriately, yet some men may still be allergic to the solution and have special sensitivities to it.

The product is noticeably lacking in information, making it hard to predict exactly what to expect.

You won’t go broke trying it because most merchants only charge a little over $10 for it.

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